Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PwinCeSS MileSTones HapDEt

  • Pwincess starts rolled over @ 3mths old

  • Pwincess sit on her own @ 6mths old

  • Pwincess cut her 1st pearly white @ 6mths old & so far hv 4cute teeth,muehehe

  • Understand "NO",wave buhbye,clap hand

  • Know hw to Use a sippy cup
  • Pwincess crawled @ 8mths old

* Fav songs are pok amai2 (very der kemelayuan githoo,hehe,twinkle2, little iman (ori version is 10little indian gals & the list goes on....mama iman dh fenat nk type,muahahaha)

*byk sgt dek non ni nyer milestones to be listed..anw, she's such an ANGEL...proud to be yr mama babeh!!

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