Monday, January 12, 2009

HoMe ShuweEt HoME


U ols, FINALLY pwincess will hav her own room, hip hip hoorayyyyyy!!

Mama can't wait to deco ur room la my dear,muehehehe,Lol!

After a long diskusi & ala persidangan parlimen githoo wif tok D & tok ma, we decided this 2nd time (remember..our condo x jadi itieww), we settled for a landed hse, ye gak kn, easier for pwincess & bakal2 pwince & bakal2 pwincess nk bermain beskal & segala macam menan yg depa mau main.

Alhamdulillah, dpt gak our own hse & suffice to say, sgt shesuweiii for a small hepi family githooo...muehehehe.

*refer link

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ITs A GaL for Aunty RArA

Pwincess will have a new fren aka her cousin sometime in end May. Mama Iman tot it will be a boboy since aunty rara so momot,muehehe.

Cant wait for PUDDING to come out! watch out aunty ein & aunty Ool, you gonna get 2 shophaholic pwincess in da house, so LU PK LA SINDRI,muahahaha.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PwinCeSS MileSTones HapDEt

  • Pwincess starts rolled over @ 3mths old

  • Pwincess sit on her own @ 6mths old

  • Pwincess cut her 1st pearly white @ 6mths old & so far hv 4cute teeth,muehehe

  • Understand "NO",wave buhbye,clap hand

  • Know hw to Use a sippy cup
  • Pwincess crawled @ 8mths old

* Fav songs are pok amai2 (very der kemelayuan githoo,hehe,twinkle2, little iman (ori version is 10little indian gals & the list goes on....mama iman dh fenat nk type,muahahaha)

*byk sgt dek non ni nyer milestones to be listed..anw, she's such an ANGEL...proud to be yr mama babeh!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


pLs praY 4 pwincess & hope she will recover fast :(

Hepi 9mths Bufday PWinceSS!!

bad mood cz she's x feeling well these past few days

papa gave bufday kiss to pwincess

how hepi she is when she saw da lil cake

huh, a bit scary to see da cake eh?? looks like titanic ship yg nk sinking ajor, seme kije aunty ein who insisted we put 9candles on top of dat small cake,LOl!!

Its time for P.A.R.T.Y!!!
Hepi 9mths bufday pwinceSS, we lap yu so very much,xoxo

FINale Entry For CherATING

muka x mandi,muehehehe
Tok mama gave bfast to momot pwincess

we had steamboat dinner, pwincess wut muka terliuq,hihihi

feeling lomantika di tampoi gitieww
*abaikan montot Jlo itiew hocay,miahaha*

last but not least, pwincess had a blast holiday wif everyone @ cherating,hip hip hoorayyyy!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cherating Part III - !8sx pwincess berbikini u!!!

HAHA, u ols sure TERUJA menengok titlenyer itiewwkn, shame2x tawww!!
Cik tembun wore muslimah swim suit
ajor hoccay. When iman dh bodylicious nanti, br ler mama iman belikn bikini sexy, wosaaaaaaa..miahahaha.

Holiday @ CheRating Part II - at da Zoo

Tired after fenat dok ajak those monkeys borak BUT unfortunately fruitless,very der kekwat those monkeys taww..muehehe
Pwincess was so excited with da birds,cant see the birds eh??
*pls note this pic was taken by amature photographer,LOl!

1st time pwincess at da zoo,see hw fascinated she was with da animals eventho x so much to be seen,muahahaha

HOlidAy @ CheRAting Part I

This was supposed to be last pic BUT mama iman too mls to upload again, so pls note the sequence of this pic,muehehehe. After 5mins journey, pwincess oredi Zzzzzzzzz

am soooooooooo sleepy tok dady,huarghhhh

pls pardon my spentot ...auwww
this was the beginning of our journey to Cherating wif tok dady, tok mama, aunty ool, papa & mama ONLY.
hmmm...Where's the rest of da family??? OMG, we left them..ooopssss..
sowie naik lowie, sape suh u ols salah amik cuti,muahahahha

InTRodUcinG MY CuP CAke DoLL

hye peeps..dis is CUP CAKE *see her butt..ihihi.

At !st, she just bang,hit and so many violences act (hahaha,juz exagerate a bit, Lol!).
After a while, she no how to play & siap pat cup cake to sleep u,cute ek..muehehe

Da Acrobatic PwinCEss..eceH!!

Here's some actions..Lol
*kids ,pls do not try this at home,muehehehe*

MaMa's BUFdaY

papa busy preparing da steamboat

cheeky lil pwincess

We ols celebratd mama's bufday @ Johnny's OU. Hepi 28th bufday to mama iman dgn ucapan bile ler mama iman ni nk kurus...waaaaaaaaaa.