Sunday, January 4, 2009

HOlidAy @ CheRAting Part I

This was supposed to be last pic BUT mama iman too mls to upload again, so pls note the sequence of this pic,muehehehe. After 5mins journey, pwincess oredi Zzzzzzzzz

am soooooooooo sleepy tok dady,huarghhhh

pls pardon my spentot ...auwww
this was the beginning of our journey to Cherating wif tok dady, tok mama, aunty ool, papa & mama ONLY.
hmmm...Where's the rest of da family??? OMG, we left them..ooopssss..
sowie naik lowie, sape suh u ols salah amik cuti,muahahahha

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Miss J said...

comel la mama iman ni!. wei rasanya kan tak payah upload again la.. just cut & paste je.. susun balik code tu. cuba try :p